Saturday, January 5, 2013

How and why I start to cook!

I remember since i was little I always had an particular attraction for the food.
I remember i was to curious about what my mum and my father was prepping in the kitchen.every day was something different !
Thousand color and perfume.Every day there was some thing different in the kitchen!!!new vegetable fruit in a  different combination.It was a wonderful world!
even in the food channel !I remember there was an Italian program on Sunday . Every week it was showing a different town with his tradition and culture.I remember so many different dish and food paring,was there when i understand how big is the Food World.

In my family we never go out for restaurant to have dinner ,but when you have a mother and father cooking hard every day was definitely a good culinary experience.
I remember when my mother was prepping staff like a pasta and i was think was something you cannot make you just buy ready.There i discover the world of the recipes! So many things i never think you can make by yourself instead buy!The connection with ingredients and paring woow!

Was time to choose a high school.I just had the instinct to start the culinary school in Turin Italy.
It was a new big experience for me like all the teenagers start a new school,but this open my mind super fast.I was learning how work a real restaurant ,how his it organize and so many other thing .
I was thirsty  of knowledge .

After one year in the high school I understand more and more.Now was the time to make a step up.
It's time to find a real job in the kitchen .
I even didn't know where start !ask to who,where?!!!
I decide to walk and nock restaurant doors one by one!I even didn't know how can i introduce myself!I was so little and young!
Finally after many place a restaurant call me back.I was super happy.

The first felling and sensation i had when I entry in a real restaurant kitchen was unforgettable .
Every thing was running fast around me .Thicket ,chefs ,chopping board,saucepan boiling ,perfume colors,plates ..............
I worked in this restaurant for almost 4 years.the chef teach me every thing!From the basic prep going up station by station .Pasta ,bread ,risotti ,meat fish ,cake,mousse,sauce...........
He brake my back and open my Mind.
It was really hard. but step by step i was more familiar with all the things happening around me ,finally i was part of this game.I was part of it !speeding prepping and learning more and more.

Belive or not ,only in the end of this wonderful experience i find out the chef was a star Michelin! I even didn't know what this mean!
Thank you Chef you give me your knowledge and experience .Work for you wasn't easy at all but i did with immense pleasure.